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With PuzzleCup you will easily make or automatically generate crossword puzzles online and solve crossword puzzles from other users of the site. The service is totally free of charge.
If you have any suggestions or issue reports, please contact us by e-mail: .

How to make a crossword puzzle?

Select a region in the crossword area for a new word using a mouse pointer: left-click on a grid cell and holding the mouse button move the mouse to the end of new word.

A menu on the right will appear, in which you'll input your own word ("Your word" + button Ready) or choose one of the suggested dictionary words ("Suitable dictionary words" + button Accept).

The word will appear in the crossword grid. This new word now can be used to build intersections with other new words.

How to generate a crossword puzzle from the list of your words?

Instead of filling the crossword grid manually, you may specify a list of words to automatically build a crossword puzzle from.

To do this, press a button Generate under the crossword grid (it is shown only when the crossword is empty).

A menu will appear on the right, where you will input your words:

The number of words in the generated crossword, quantity of intersections and "density" of crossword puzzle depend on the initial size of the grid and on the selected setting "nice...compact".

After specifying all the settings, press the button Ready.

How to input definitions for words?

Click on the existing word with a mouse:

A menu on the right will appear, where you can input a word meaning ("Definition") for those who will solve your crossword puzzle.

Words without a definition are marked with red color in the grid.

How to remove a word?

In order to remove an existing word from the crossword grid, click on it with a mouse.

Then, press the button Remove the word which will appear in the right menu.

How to reduce/expand the crossword grid and grid cells?

To reduce or expand the size of the crossword grid, use the buttons , , and , located below and to the right of the grid.

The maximal size of the crossword grid is 40 x 40 cells.

The size of the cells is regulated with help of buttons + and .

How to move the words inside the crossword grid?

You can move a connected block of words to another location in the grid by holding the keyboard key Ctrl and dragging/dropping the block with a mouse.

How is the crossword saved?

To save your crossword puzzle, use the button Save the crossword – the crossword will be saved on the server.

If you are a register user, your new crossword will be added to the list of your crosswords, accessible from any computer after you login.

For non-registered users a new crossword is added to browser's cookies (this means it will be stored only on your computer).

When saving a crossword you'll get a permanent link to return back to editing this crossword from any computer. Do not share this editing link with others!

You may specify the name of the saved crossword and press the button Rename, which appears right after the saving.

The list of all crosswords ("Your crosswords") that you've saved is located to the left of grid.

How to share your crossword with friends?

If your crossword puzzle is completely filled (all words have definitions), then when you save it, you'll get a link for solving it by others. Share this link with your friends – they will see definitions and empty word cells to fill.

You will be able to view the history of solving when you open the crossword for editing in the future:

How to print the crossword?

To print your saved crossword on paper, press the button Print version.

You will see the following menu below:

Choose the content to print and press the button Show.

A new browser page will appear which can be printed if you press keybord keys Ctrl+P.

How to delete the crossword?

The crossword which you don't need any more can be deleted from the section "Your crosswords" (on the left), if you choose it to load and then click on [x] to the left of its name.

What for is the registration needed?

Registration is not obligatory to use the service, but for registered users there're several advantages:

– the list of crosswords from registered users is stored on server, so that you can access it from any computer after you login;

– register users may publish their crosswords, so that everybody on the site can open them for solving.

What are the crosswords under "Try to solve!"?

The crossword puzzles in section "Try to solve!" are randomly selected from the crosswords, which were published by registered users.

How to publish the crossword so that everybody can try solving it?

Crossword publishing is permitted for any registered user.

If you filled the crossword completely (all words have definitions), after saving it and giving it the name, press the button Publish for everybody!.

How is the rating of published crosswords calculated?

Anybody who solved at least one word of the crossword can rate it on the 1-10 scale:

The mean score from all voted users makes the crossword's rating, which will influence on its appearance frequency in the section "Try to solve!".

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